This Cool 4-in-1 Shoe Means Less Clutter, Less Waste

Did you know that nearly 70 million pairs of shoes are manufactured every day? Eventually, there comes a point when those shoes must be discarded, and they’ll pile up in landfills around the world, lingering for centuries until the tough synthetic materials they’re made of eventually break down. It’s not a good system, to say the least.

We need better designed footwear that’s kinder to the planet, but we also need less of it. Not only would this reduce the chaos in our closets (no more gigantic shoe pile), but it would reduce the demand for resources to make them. Shoes should be something we design more thoughtfully, to be more versatile, and that we can wear for longer. 

Fortunately, one person has given this plenty of thought. Patrick Hogan is a footwear designer from Newburyport, Massachusetts, formerly employed by major brands like Saucony and New Balance, who has embarked on his own entrepreneurial project. Under the name of a new brand, MUNJOI, Hogan recently launched a clever 4-in-1 shoe called the All-Dai