We have a shoe problem.

Which is why we created a shoe that makes kinder material choices & encourages less consumption.

Our shoe obsession is getting out of hand—

— and the industry is a wasteful one. Overproduction adds to the depletion of natural resources and speeds up the rate of pollution entering our air, water, and land.

To combat this problem, we created the All-Dai. It’s made almost entirely from plant based materials (cotton, hemp, algae, and sugar cane) and can transform into four different shoes.

We’re solving this by being climate neutral.

Our ALL-DAI shoes are climate neutral. That means, we calculate our carbon emissions, offset the greenhouse gases, and label the ALL-DAI shoes as climate neutral.

By purchasing climate neutral products, you contribute to global climate action and support recognized carbon offset projects. You also help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as fighting poverty and improving living conditions in emerging and developing nations.


Create less.

Pack less.

Spend less.

Do more.


Euro Brand Management

Munjoi packaging has been designed with the help of Euro Brand Management GmbH to sustain packaging transportation without the need of an additional shipping carton. EBM is a B Corp committed and driven to reduce its customers carbon footprint on the environment. They focus on global sustainable supply chain in the footwear, apparel and retail industries.


Munjoi is proud to partner with our friends in Putian, China. SEMS and their “Factory of the Future” is dedicated to manufacturing more sustainable footwear and offering innovative solutions to reduce environmental pollution.